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M&M Dental Team Clinic through Dr. Cristian Mina becomes provider of dental services for the American Insurance Company United Concordia Dental , Tricare Active Duty Dental Program.

Responsible and at your service, the M&M Dental Team Dental Clinic is concerned with the comfort and safety of our patients! 3D imaging by computed tomography, digital impression, laser therapy, surgical guidance, invisible dental appliances are Premium services that you can benefit from at the M&M Dental Team Clinic! Important: Cephalostat dental computed tomography is now waiting for you in the Clinic for any type of imaging investigation required for dental treatments!

Clinica Dentara M&M Dental Team

New location!

After the acquisition procedure of the property at 34 Ferdinand Boulevard, M&M Dental Team and Denta Loft Clinic are commencing the renovation process of a harmonious space with a historic scent, where we will cater to the needs of our patients and the educational requirements of young aspiring students in the field of dental health. Ferdinand 34, a project of significant scope, carried out on a useful area of 600 square meters, focused on education and health, envisioned, worked on, and implemented by M&M Dental Team, led by Dr. Cristian Mina!

M&M Dental Team! Rediscover the smile!

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