Dental aesthetics

What is Dental aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics refers to diagnostic and treatment procedures and methods for creating individual harmony and integrating the dental appearance into an ideal or near-ideal context that brings satisfaction to the patient.

Methods used in creating dental aesthetics include orthodontic appliances, dental veneers, dental crowns, dental whitening and dental jewellery.

What are the steps to follow?

The first step will always be a careful assessment of the teeth, gums, supporting structure (bone supply) and dental occlusion in order to establish the necessary treatment plans. Often reconstruction will address the whole tooth.

The second step brings with it the necessary dental treatments as well:

  • Coronal fillings (fillings);
  • Orthodontic treatments for teeth alignment;
  • Tooth veneering;
  • Dental crowns;
  • Dental bridges;
  • Dental implants;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Dental jewellery;
  • Gum surgery.

The ultimate goal in creating a perfect smile is what suits the patient.

Dental Aesthetics

Ceramic  veneer(per tooth)1650 RON
ceramage veneer (element)640 RON
Teeth whitening (on the arch)-Home teeth whitening450 RON
X-tra Boost teeth whitening-în office1130 RON
Endodontic bleaching (on tooth)195 RON
Dental jewellery (crystals, 18/22/24 K gold, white gold)de la 145 RON
Laser tooth whitening1130 RON
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