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If you are looking for a reliable dental clinic in Constanta, M&M Dental Team is the right choice for you. Our team of specialists offers complete dental services using the latest technology and modern equipment. We will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout our personalized treatment. Learn more about our impressive benefits for our patients!

Services offered by the dental clinic

The M&M Dental Team dental clinic has a modern and well-equipped dental office in Constanța, offering a wide range of excellent services for all your dental needs. Our experienced team will offer you preventive-curative treatments, dental implantology, orthodontics, dental surgery and dental aesthetics.

We have the necessary experience to successfully address the most complex dental health problems of our patients and we will work together with you to find the right solutions to help you have beautiful and healthy teeth in the future. Come to our clinic in Constanta and let us show you how easy it can be to get the perfect smile!

General dental treatments

When it comes to dental care, professional scaling and brushing are essential to maintaining healthy teeth. At the M&M Dental Team dental clinic in Constanța, we offer these services with the help of modern and efficient tools to ensure complete hygiene.

Dacă aveți probleme cu sensibilitatea dentară, veniți la noi pentru cele mai bune soluții disponibile în cabinetul nostru stomatologic. Echipamentele pe care le folosim sunt concepute special pentru a calma durerea cauzată de sensibilitatea dentară.

La clinica noastră oferim și igienizarea și igienizarea cavităților orale prin metode avansate ce eliminăm bacteriile dinte sub gingie sau dintre dinți. Îngrijire regulată este cheia unei sănãtãți bucale perfecte!

Dental implantology

Dental implants are the modern and effective solution for replacing missing teeth. In our dental office, we offer patients the opportunity to benefit from the insertion of immediate or subsequent dental implants, depending on the case of each patient.

The modern techniques we use include bone augmentation by injection, bone transplant or bone tissue regeneration. Biocompatible materials are preferred in the dental implantology process due to their properties that allow rapid integration with bone tissue.

At our dental clinic M&M Dental Team in Constanta, we are dedicated to offering personalized and safe treatments for all our patients. If you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile in the long term, schedule a consultation at our clinic now!

Team of specialists

Our team of dentists are experts in their field and dedicate their time to providing the best possible treatment. Whether it’s a tooth extraction or an implant, they work together with the medical assistants to give you the best possible experience in a safe and clean environment.

The nurses in our clinic play an important role in supporting the team’s medical efforts. They made sure patients were comfortable and helped prepare the tools needed for dental procedures. In addition, they carefully follow each stage of your treatment to ensure that all aspects have been carried out according to the plan established by your dentist.


The experience and qualifications of our dentists

The dentists in our clinic are well trained and have extensive experience in the field. They constantly participate in professional training courses, so that they are always up to date with the latest techniques and methods of treatment.

Modern treatment methods used in our clinic:

In order to offer our patients the most effective treatments, we use modern and innovative equipment. In addition, we collaborate with specialized laboratories for the manufacture of materials necessary for dental interventions.

Personalized approach to each patient:

At the M&M Dental Team clinic, we pay close attention to the individual needs of patients. Thus, the approach we have is a personalized one, and the treatment plans are made after detailed consultations and discussions with the patient.

  • Preventive treatments;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Aesthetic dentistry;
  • Dental implantology;
  • Orthodontics;
  • Oral surgery

Medical assistants

The important role of medical assistants in a dental clinic is to care for patients and provide support for doctors. Our assistants are prepared to offer help both during the consultation and when performing the interventions, so that it is a success.

The qualifications and specific training of our assistants are based on special training, which includes modern techniques for sterilization of medical instruments and oral hygiene in question. Effective collaboration between doctors and support is essential for a complete treatment. Together we focus on positive patient outcomes, providing a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Modern technologies and equipment

In our dental clinic in Constanța, we use advanced diagnostic equipment to provide the most accurate and efficient dental treatments. These modern technologies help us identify dental problems in the early stages, thereby reducing the pain and costs associated with later interventions. In addition, by means of these high-performance devices we can establish a precise and fast diagnosis.

The laser is another modern technology that we use in many dental treatments. Thus, certain procedures such as caries removal or teeth whitening can be performed much easier and without patients feeling discomfort during the intervention. The laser also reduces the risk of post-operative infection and ensures faster healing of the affected tissues.

Clinica Dentara M&M Dental Team

Benefits for patients

At the M&M Dental Team dental clinic in Constanta, patients benefit from comfort and safety during dental treatments. Our team consists of experienced specialists who use the latest technology to ensure a high level of dental services.

In addition, our prices are competitive and we frequently offer special promotions on various dental procedures or complete dental care packages. Thus, we want to be accessible to all patients who want to benefit from professional dental services at a reasonable price.

Accessibility and flexibility in scheduling

Our extended schedule, which includes Saturdays, is designed to fit around your busy schedule. At M&M Dental Team, we are proud to offer punctuality to our appointments and short wait times or even no waiting list. In addition, for longer treatments or after certain delicate procedures, we offer free transport to patients.

At the M&M Dental Team dental clinic in Constanța, we are committed to offering accessibility and flexibility in your appointment. We are dedicated to helping you get the dental care you deserve in a way that is convenient and comfortable for you, so you don’t have to see a visit to the dentist as a major inconvenience. Come now to the M&M Dental Team Dental Clinic and take advantage of our special offer!

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