what is Endodontics?

Endodontics word comes from the Greek language, where “endo” means inside and “dentis” means tooth. In conclusion,endodontics is the dentistry branch aimed at treating diseases inside the tooth where the dental pulp is located.

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that has a high degree of difficulty and that through treatment methods tries to preserve the tooth as long as possible.

Due to the high degree of difficulty, nowadays the endodontic microscope, lasers, working length determination devices, competitive obturation systems and dedicated instrumentation are successfully used.


Pulp disease has different symptoms depending on the degree of damage to dental integrity. It can range from simple sensitivity to thermal (cold, hot) and/or chemical (sweet, sour) agents to excruciating pain with severe impairment of general health.

Untreated pulp disease, in addition to the painful and distressing picture, can lead to life-threatening perioral suppuration.


Consultation130 RON
US cleaning + professional brushing290 RON
US cleaning + professional brushing + laser430 RON
Professional children brushing135 RON
Professional adult brushing150 RON
Simple composite obturation on 1 surface180 RON
Deep composite obturation on 1 surface265 RON
Simple composite obturation of 2 surfaces250 RON
Deep composite obturation on 2 surfaces305 RON
Simple composite obturation on 3 surfaces290 RON
Deep composite obturation on 3 surfaces355 RON
Drainage-Simple root endodontic225 RON
Endo retreatment for single root315 RON
Endodontic drainage multi root295 RON
Endo drainage from retreatment multi root335 RON
Treatment of root perforations/fractures with MTA320 RON
Endodontic  obturation single root175 RON
Final endodontic obturation multi root235 RON
Endodontic treatment with Ca hydroxide (session)120 RON
Endodontic treatment with antibiotic paste (session)130 RON
Endodontic obturation retreatment single root425 RON
Pluridadicular endodontic obturation retreatment multi root535 RON
Indirect (session) pulp capping115 RON
Direct pulp camping110 RON
Local fluoride applications (session)165 RON
Treatment of dental hyperesthesia (session/tooth)90 RON
Treatment of oral thrush (session)90 RON
Immobilization of teeth with (fiberglass band)665 RON
Composite onlay in office500 RON
Sealing permanent teeth145 RON
Temporary tooth filling100 RON
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